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Hydrogenating kit: HIM 17 generator + hydrogen glasses


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Hydrogen glasses

What are hydrogen glasses and what are they used for?

Hydrogen glasses allow for a wider use of therapeutic hydrogen therapy, targeting a specific area - the eyes.

ATTENTION! The glasses are not a hydrogen generator (they do not produce hydrogen), but they are used to create a hydrogen atmosphere around the eyes when the glasses are connected to the hydrogen generator using a silicone hose.

Hydrogen glasses are compatible with all models of hydrogen generators that you can find in our offer: https://igly.net/pl/253-terapia-wodorem

Hydrogen glasses support eye health through the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of hydrogen. Their function is to create steam saturated with hydrogen molecules. Its effectiveness is based on the natural ability of molecular hydrogen, which, as the smallest molecule in nature, penetrates all barriers.

Hydrogen glasses therapy can be an effective tool in:

  • wrinkle reduction,
  • improving blood circulation around the eyes, reducing dark circles around the eyes,
  • alleviating insomnia,
  • inhibiting the deterioration of visual acuity,
  • reducing eye strain caused by work, studying (especially for people who spend many hours a day in front of a computer, tablet or mobile phone screen), driving and environmental changes,
  • moisturizing the eyes in the so-called dry eye.

How hydrogen glasses work

Hydrogen glasses produce delicate steam thanks to a modern atomizer that breaks the liquid into very small particles. This creates the impression of a mist surrounding our eyes. 

The inner shell of the glasses, adjacent to the facial skin, ensures the tightness of the device during evaporation (diffusion). Additionally, it has the option of a warm and cold compress, which has a regenerating effect on the eyes. 

HIM-17 hydrogen generator - device with capacity from 100 to 600 ml/min.

The HIM-17 hydrogen inhalation device is an inhaler with molecular hydrogen gas.

The generator can produce up to 600 ml/min of hydrogen gas.

The equipment weighs only 12 kg, so you can take it anywhere.

HIM-17 can also be used to produce hydrogen water. 

Thanks to the latest SPE/PEM electrolysis technology, the produced hydrogen gas is composed

99.9% pure and safe hydrogen, without any other by-products such as chlorine and ozone.

√ Built-in smart sensor technology: TDS, low water alarm, device tilt.


Hydrogen generator - discover the power of natural medicine

Water is the basic component of our body (approx. 70%). But…

Did you know that the hydrogen properties of water, thanks to today's technology, support the treatment of cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, asthma and many other serious diseases? 

Did you know that hydrogen therapy is almost cost-free?

Did you know that hydrogen's healing properties have been scientifically proven to treat over 170 diseases?

Enjoy better well-being with this innovative, low-cost medical therapy that has been used for 25 years in hospitals and homes in Japan, South Korea and China.